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master-class "Kitten Teddy"

4 Dec Moscow

Happiness around us! 🙂 


New Toys. You can buy them

Art dolls by Marika Shmidt

Art Dolls Luka

cost $ 300

teddy bears by Marika Shmidt

Bear Eve

cost $ 105

Crocodile Teddy by Marika Shmidt

Crocodile Cab

cost $ 215

Owl Teddy by Marika Shmidt

Owl Carluscha

cost $ 110

Client Love



Your kids are wonderful!!!
your website is very beautiful and a lot of useful information.
Looking at your creations too, I want to create!
THANK you.
Your performances looked on one breath.



About Your creativity learned for the first time at the conference, which was held in February. After seeing photos of red-haired kitten fell in love and were looking forward to the performance. Very inspired by your speech and tips for proper pitch and clearance parcels. By purchasing a master class I discovered a lot of new and interesting!)